Bioluminescent devices and analyzers for measurement of biological signals


The Luminescencer Octa is a single tube type luminometer with a multi-color assay detection system. The construct is very compact with a built in printer in the main unit and an injection pump. It is easy to operate and accessible to different types of analysis like the ATP assay, superoxide measurement, antioxidative activity, chemiluminescent enzyme immunoassay, luciferase assay including the multi reporter assay using luminescence reagents, etc

  • Suitable for all luminescence based assays with flush and glow reaction, including single and dual assay application.
  • Easy operation with user-friendly menu driven software.Advanced, Photomultiplier tube based photon counting system.
  • Built-in Automatic reagent injector.
  • Temperature Control(Optional)Data printed out for hard copy or saved and transferred to PC.
  • Simultaneous measurement of two or more genes through multi-color luciferase (Color Separation Mechanism).
  • Multi Reporter Assay, Dual Reporter gene Assay, Reporter Assay, ATP Assay.



Kronos Dio (AB-2550) is a luminometer for detecting bioluminescence in living cells and tissues by the photomultiplier tube (PMT). It can subject itself to control temperature and CO2 gas concentration inside Kronos Dio and behave as an incubator for cell & tissue culturing. It also gives superior performance for multi-color assay, which can detect different colors of luminescence up to three in the same time by internal optical filtering system. The Kronos Dio functions to detect high sensitivity for dim and weak luminescence consecutively in culture samples such as cells and tissues in 35mm culture dishes for a long time. Therefore, it is not necessary to prepare several samples for measuring each time point for alterations in chronologic bioluminescence. It hence proves to be very reasonable and convenient against conventional way and method in terms of saving time and efficiency.

  • Real time reporter gene assay
  • Transcriptional factor activity and Gene expression
  • Clock gene (chronopharmacology)
  • Analysis of cell responses, drug responses, and stress responsesAnalysis of Signal pathway and Signal cascade(Calcium)
  • Apoptosis



Phelios (AB-2350) is a microplate luminometer capable of measuring multi samples with high efficiency of light detection. It can measure diverse wavelengths of bioluminescence from 400 to 670nm in a 96,384 well microplate, achieving high sensitivity with added and extremely desired optical system for efficiency of bioluminescent detection in low noise photo counting. Besides, it accomplishes high reproducible measurement by internal temperature controller and accurate pump in repeated injection. In cases of different multi-colors generation, it measures the samples by dedicated automatic filtering function. It performs Single, Dual and Triple reporter assay recording the transcriptional factor activity and gene expression as well as the ATP assay and the High sensitivity Immunoassay. 

  • Wide wavelength range for detector (400-670nm) 
  • Red luminescence can be detected with high sensitivity. 
  • Wide dynamic range(8 logs) 
  • High sensitivity. 
  • Detection limit of 1zmole of luciferase molecules and an Ambient temperature control system (+5-40°C) 
  • Offers appropriate condition to measure light from living cells and tissue samples. 
  • Auto injection system. 
  • Programmable injector which enables detection of flash-based luminescence. 
  • Multi-color assay detection system. 
  • Tricolor luminescence can be separated and analyzed automatically with filter system (560LP, 600LP).



The Cell Graph AB -3000B is an imaging system which can detect low level light emission in a single living cell by using a highly sensitive EM-CCD camera.It facilitates a real time reporter gene assay providing relevant information on transcriptional factor activity, clock gene and gene expression. This instrument also handles the analysis of cell responses, drug responses and stress responses.

  • The Cellgraph Ab -3000B is capable of acquiring images of culturing cells or tissue samples on a 35 mm dish in the living state.
  • Provides an atmosphere similar to a CO2 incubator 
  • Very sensitive and provides accurate detection of bioluminescence with an EM-CCD camera
  • It is easy to operate via a user friendly interface
  • Can be operated via a PC with dedicated software
  • Compactly built and lightproof