GFS Chemicals

GFS ChemicalsCrescent Chemical Co., Inc. is a full line distributor of GFS Chemicals.  GFS manufactures and supplies over 4000 chemicals in three core technologies: Organic Specialty Intermediates, Inorganic Chemicals and Catalysts and Analytical Reagents and Solutions.  All products are ISO 9001:2000 certified.

The GFS Chemicals Product line consists of the following products

  • Organic research chemicals 
    • Acetylenic, Olefinic and Silyl Imtermediates including di-acetylenic acids and phenyl acetylenic derivatives are used in research, process and polymer chemistries.
    • Classic Organic Stains, Dyes and Indicators including heterocyclic amine ligands, metal complexes of phenathroline, organic bases and their ferrous derivatives (as sulfate and perchlorate salts), bypyridines and triazines are use in a wide variety of applications including fiber optics, thin films, coatings, sensors, solid state chemistry and metal-organic framework.
  • Inorganic specialty chemicals
    • Perchloric Acids and Salts for use as a process reagent and catalyst in many commercial applications.
      Rare earth Salts and Solutions for use in superconductor, laser and optical material, magnets, phosphor and catalyst technologies.
  • Analytical reagents and resources 
    • Watermark Karl Fischer reagents including both pyridine-free and pyridine based reagents for all volumetric and coulometric reagents and water standards for KF methodology.
    • High Purity Acids, Salts and Solutions including reagent ACS, ACS Superior, Redistilled, Environmental and Double Distilled grades.
    • HPLC and Specialty Solvents including products that are distilled in glass or quartz that and be used for HPLC, gas chromatography, pesticide residue analysis and spectrophotmetry.
    • Turbidity standards for optical and visual calibration.