Nordmark Collagenase NB 4G Proved Grade

17465.01 500mg

17465.02 1g

17465.03 5g


(631) 348-0333


Contains class I and class II collagenase (1) and a balanced mix of neutral protease, clostripain and trypsin-like activities.
PZ activity (WŁnsch): ≥ 0.18 U/mg

Suitable for isolation of a broad variety of cell types, especially for fibroblasts, human and rodent hepatocytes, frog oocytes and epithelial cells.



Collagenase NB 4G Proved Grade, 500mg


Collagenase NB 4G Proved Grade, 1g


Collagenase NB 4G Proved Grade, 5g


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