Nordmark Collagenase NB 8 Broad Range

17456.01 250mg

17456.02 1g


(631) 348-0333


Suitable for a broad range of different applications in tissue dissociation such as isolation of rodent pancreatic islets of Langerhans, human cardiomyocytes, tumor cells, muscle cells, osteoblasts and porcine hepatocytes. Increased collagenase activity compared to Collagenase NB 4 Standard Grade and Collagenase NB 4G Proved Grade.

Contains class I and class II collagenase (1) as well as reduced levels of clostripain, trypsin-like activities and neutral protease.
Chromatographically purified.
PZ activity (WŁnsch): ≥ 0.90 U/mg



Collagenase NB 8 Broad Range, 250mg


Collagenase NB 8 Broad Range, 1g


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