Islet Isolations with Animal-Free Collagenase and Neutral Protease

Presented in the 6th EPITA Winter Symposium, Dr. Heide Brandhorst explains the use of SERVA's Animal-Free Collagenase and Neutral Protease GMP Grade when isolating pancreatic islets for human transplantation. (Poster is attached below.) The presentation was completed with collaboration from Oxford University, Uppsala University, University Hospital of Geneva, and Dr. Manfred Kurfürst/Dr. Julia Saphörster from SERVA Electrophoresis.

Title:Collagenase AF-1: The First GMP-Graded Animal Free Enzyme for Human Islet Isolation

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Animal Free Collagenase Poster

The new enzymes were also tested by Géraldine Parnaud from University of Geneva. Her talk can be viewed at the link below.

Title: Human islet isolation using animal-free collagenase and neutral protease