Karl Fischer Reagents

Karl Fischer titration is an analytical method for the quantitative determination of water in all types of samples including chemicals, oils, pharmaceuticals and foods.  Crescent Chemical Co., Inc. can supply all three major brands of Karl Fischer Reagents:  Hydranal, Aquastar and Watermark.  In fact, Crescent Chemical was the first to introduce Hydranal to the United States in the early 1980s.

Crescent Chemical can offer you extensive technical service and application advice to make sure you are using the best reagents for your application.

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Our Karl Fischer Reagents Offerings Include:

  • Volumetric Titration with One-Component Reagents…Hydranal Composite 1, Composite 2, or Composite 5 and Aquastar CombiTitrant 1, CombiTitrant 2 or CombiTitrant 5
    • In one-component volumetric analysis the titrant contains all four of the reactants needed for the KF reaction: iodine, base, sulfur dioxide and an alcohol. Anhydrous Methanol is the typical working medium. Other Working Medium Solvents are available if increased solubility is needed.
    • Advantages include unlimited range of water concentration, convenience, ease-of-use and long shelf life. 
  • Volumetric Titration with Two-Component Reagents…Hydranal Titrant 2 or Titrant 5 with Hydranal Solvent S and Aquastar Titrant 2 or Titrant 5 with Aquastar Solvent
    • In two-component volumetric analysis the titrant contains only iodine and an alcohol and the Solvent contains the sulfur dioxide and base.
    • Advantages include higher titration speed, slightly higher accuracy for small amounts of water, high buffer capacity and greater long term stability.
  • Coulometric Titration with and without a Diaphragm …Hydranal Coulomat A, Coulomat AG, Coulomat AG-H with Coulomat CG and Aquastar Coulomat Aor CombiCoulomat Frit with Coulomat C  and CombiCoulomat Fritless
    • For standard coulometric titrations, two reagent solutions are required: an anolyte (the solution in the anode cell) and a catholyte (the solution in the cathode cell).
    • Detects low concentrations of water with high accuracy.
  • Special Reagents for Ketones and Aldehydes – Hydranal Composite 5K with Keto Solver, Working Medium, or Medium K, Hydranal Coulomat AK with Coulomat CG-K and Aquastar Composite 5K with Composite KN or Solvent KC, Aquastar Coulomat AK with Coulomat CK
    • Ketones and aldehydes interfere with Karl fischer titration because they react with methanol to form water causing incorrectly high water results and vanishing endpoints.
    • Utilizing methanol-free reagents suppresses side reactions that interfere with the Karl Fischer reaction and allow for accurate results.
  • Special Reagents for Oils and Fats – Hydranal Liposolver CM, Liposolver MH, Solver (Crude) Oil or Hydranal Coulomat Oil and Aquastar Solvent Oils & Fats, CombiSolvent Oils, CombiSolvent Fats or Aquastar Coulomat A Xylene Blend
    • Specially formulated reagents that can readily dissolve fats and oils.
  • Water Standards – Hydranal Water Standard 0.10, Water Standard 1.0, Water Standard 10.0, Water Standard KF Oven, Water Standard Oil, Standard 5 Non-Hygroscopic or Sodium Tartrate and Aquastar Water Standard 1.0%, Water Standard 0.1%, Water Standard 0.01%, Water Standard Oven 1%, Water Standard Oil, Lactose Standard 5% or Sodium Tartrate
    • Used to check and control reagents and verify the reliability of titrators according to ISO 9001, GMP, BLP and FDA Guidelines.
    • Lot specific Certificate of Analysis in every pack
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