Serva Collagenase & Neutral Protease: The World's first Animal Free Collagenase and Neutral Protease. Technical Notes Available for Download.

Technical Notes for Collagenase AF-1 GMP Grade & Neutral Protease AF GMP GradeSafe, gentle & free of animal-derived materials available for download below.

Available for Download - SERVA Collagenase Troubleshooting Powerpoint

Troubleshooting/tips that can assist you with your cell isolation protocols.

Islet Isolations with Animal-Free Collagenase and Neutral Protease

Presented in the 6th EPITA Winter Symposium, Dr. Heide Brandhorst explains the use of SERVA's Animal-Free Collagenase and Neutral Protease GMP Grade when isolating pancreatic islets for human transplantation. (Poster is attached below.) The presentation was completed with collaboration from Oxford University, Uppsala University, University Hospital of Geneva, and Dr. Manfred Kurfürst/Dr. Julia Saphörster from SERVA Electrophoresis.

NEW Webinar: SERVA Christmas Webinar - Maths in the Labs

Check out the SERVA webinar on common arithmetic questions and solutions in the lab.

Dr. Marc Seidler speaks about the most common arithmetic questions in labs and displays their solution.

Webinar: Collagenase Troubleshooting

If you missed out on the SERVA webinar check out the PDF slides. Explanations are available on how to use the SERVA Collagenase NB. Includes information on how to conduct proper dilutions, proper storage conditions, and much more.

Please contact for questions or further information. 

 explaining how to use our Collagenase NB products, 

Webinar Tomorrow: How to Optimize Your Cell Isolation With Collagenase NB

Register to attend the SERVA Webinar on November 18th. Learn how to optimize your cell isolations when using SERVA Collagenase NB.

World's First Animal Free Collagenase from SERVA and Introductory Offer

Introducing our new highly purified 

 Collagenase AF-1 GMP Grade and 

 purified Neutral Protease AF GMP Grade
Available September 1st, 2015

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