NEW! Amphomag Universal Spill Sorbent - Free Samples Available

More than just an absorbent-- Neutralizes acids and bases.

Universal - treats most spill hazards.
Changes color when spill is neutralized.
30-50% less expensive as compared to other specialized spill controls.
Easy to use and store.

Please inquire about a free sample.

Drug and Metabolite Reference Standards and Pharmaceutical Impurities & Primary Standards

All standards are manufactured in accordance with ISO Guide 34, GMP/GLP, ISO 9001, ISO/IEC 17025, and ISO/IEC 17043. Each product is accompanied by a comprehensive and well-characterized Certificate of Analysis prepared in accordance to ISO Guide 31.

Drug & Metabolite Reference Materials

New Analytical Reference Standards available - MEGA Mixes and EPA Method Mixes

MEGA Mixes 

You can get detailed information about the Calibration Super Mixes by clicking on the
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Trypsin NB Cell Culture Grade from SERVA

Optimum grade for cell passagingTrypsin NB Cell Culture Grade, 0.05 % solution with EDTA 

NEW: Electrophoresis Equipment from Cleaver Scientific

Cleaver Scientific

Crescent Chemical Co., Inc. is the new US distributor for Cleaver Scientific, a UK based electrophoresis equipment supplier. Cleaver Scientific provide premium and technically enhanced high specification, low cost electrophoresis equipment.  These include DNA electrophoresis units, protein electrophoresis units, Electroblotters, Radiation protection and Gel Documentation Equipment.

new Analytical Reference Standards

When your results are not as simple as black and white.......

use Crescent standards....... for a definitive answer



MEGA Mixes  

You can get detailed information about the Calibration Super Mixes by clicking on the Catalog items below.

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Collagenase Anti-Frustration Kit Now Available

Are you disappointed with your current Collagenase?

Anti-Frustration Kit


Reasons to give Serva Collagenase NB a try!


- Gentle and efficient cell isolation
- High yields and high viability
- Reliable lot to lot consistency
- GMP grades available

- Comes with some candy