Welcome to Crescent Chemical

Welcome to Crescent Chemical

With over 60 years of dedication to the scientific community, Crescent Chemical Co., Inc. is the most trusted manufacturer and distributor of laboratory chemicals including:

  • Analytical Reference Standards
  • Serva Life Science Products
  • Serva-Nordmark Collagenase
  • Karl Fischer Reagents
  • Ultroser G
  • Sigma-Aldrich Products
  • Custom Solution & Hard to Find Chemicals

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Printable Catalog

Download a print ready version of Crescent Chemical’s Analytical Reference Standards Catalog in Adobe PDF Format. Download

Hydranal Manual

Hydranal ManualDownload a print ready version of Hydranal Manual that includes:

  • Hydranal reagent details
  • Chemical fundamentals  of Karl Fischer titration
  • Standard procedures and sample preparation
  • Variants of the KF Titration caused by the matrix
  • Specific tips, tricks and titration techniques for the following product classifications:  Organic compounds; Inorganic compounds; Foods and natural products; Medicines and cosmetics; Technical products

Order a copy of our INTERACTIVE Hydranal Multimedia Guide including over 800 Karl Fischer applications and a video assisted introduction in the basics and investigation of samples. Order Your Copy Now.